Build Powerful Niche Affiliate Websites & Make Money With Our Affiliate Website Builder

Have you ever wanted to start making money online? Well now you can when you start to build simple Niche Store Affiliate Websites which make you money online.

Our standalone website builder allows you to display affiliate products and earn money through the following Affiliate Networks:

affiliate window

You no longer need to be tied down to one Affiliate program!

With our software you can EASILY build:


See Why Is Niche Site Platform So Powerful?

Niche Site Plaform (NSP) will enable you to put together your very own Affiliate Website, the example below shows just what's possible with NSP. But you can build your website however you choose!

The whole process is simplified with our easy to use Administration area ...

Create Product Pages Quickly & Easily

Create affiliate filled product pages quickly & easily within NSP's admin area:

You can literally create 100's of pages of affiliate product listings in just a few seconds!

Display Multiple Affiliate Offers From Different Networks

Promote affiliate products in different layout formats from multiple US or UK Affiliate Networks, including:

1) eBay Affiliate Products

Display eBay products based on your chosen keywords:

2) Amazon Affiliate Products

Display Amazon products based on your chosen keywords:

3) Affiliate Products From 1000's Of CJ Merchants

Choose from 1000's of CJ merchants to display products from:

4) Overstock Affiliate Products

Display products from (within CJ):

5) Affiliate Products From 1000's Of Linkshare Merchants

Choose from 1000's of Linkshare merchants to display products from:

6) Shopping Comparisons From

Display automatic product price comparisons, powered by


Many More Features Are Included:

NSP has many, many other powerful features which make it the Number 1 Affiliate Website Builder online today! Just some of these ADDITIONAL features include:

See the Full Features List Here

Please note that since the making of this video Amazon customer reviews have been removed to comply with the new Amazon terms and conditions

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NSP is a simple to use website builder with an easy to use and intuitive Administration Area meaning that ANYONE can build a niche website. But how does it make you money?

So How Does NSP Make you Money?

It's extremely simple ...

The Internet has become a Worldwide Marketplace and each day millions of products are sought out and purchased through online searches which are carried out through the major search engines.

NSP simply allows you to build a simple website which meets this search demand and enables you to "cash in" on internet search traffic!

Just follow the simple step by step process of Niche Site Building to build a niche website and start making money online:

Step 1: Find & Research A Niche/Market - Just One Example Is Weber BBQ Grills

With NSPs built in support for multiple affiliate networks and thousands of online merchants, you literally have millions of products to choose from. Choose something you are interesting in or knowledgable about, for example a hobby.


Step 2: Purchase & Download Niche Site Platform Premium Package

Why not take the time to view NSP's Full Features List and see what this powerful Affiliate Website Builder has to offer.


Step 3: Follow Our Comprehensive Manuals To Build A Website With Our Easy To Use Admin Panel

Our premium package comes with a step by step installation manual and user manual, both of which contain clear instructions and screenshots to enable you to get your first website up and running as quickly as possible.


Step 4: Add Content & Display Affiliate Products From Multiple Networks

NSP currently supports the following powerful Affiliate Programs and Networks: eBay, Amazon,,, and So you can add your unique content to your website and then display affiliate offers alongside that content, make sales and earn commissions.

Step 5: Promote Your Website

Promote your website through tried and tested methods, generating traffic from searches conducted in the search engines by internet shoppers looking to buy the products you are promoting on your niche website.



Step 6: Rinse And Repeat!

Practice and perfect the process then do it all over again. The more you build the more money you can make each month.

As you saw on the previous page, the money making potential of these websites is huge!:

Our amazing UNLIMITED website license makes achieving the above entirely possible.

What Our Users Have Being Saying

So far NSP has received some fantastic feedback from users who are actually using it on a day to day basis to make consistent money online every single month ... read what a small handful of those had to say:

"Thank Goodness Ben Decided To Step Up To The Plate With NSP!"

Thank goodness Ben decided to step up to the plate with NSP. I have been looking for something that would fill the void that Build a Niche Store has left, and I have found it. Niche Site Platform is similar to BANS but its a hundred times better. BANS only had eBay monetization available but NSP has amazon, CJ, Linkshare, and more. I have bought many things from Ben over the many months and he is top notch when it comes to customer support. You don't have to worry about him abandoning you like the other people seem to do. Just wanted to drop you a little note saying thanks and you have hit it out of the park with Niche Site Platform. Now I better be off to build my niche empire with NSP!!

Thanks again Ben!

Daniel -

"I've literally been blown away by the amount of features included in a single platfom"

I have to be honest when I heard about Niche Site Platform I never thought it would live up to my expectations. I've been building affiliate sites now for around a year and have used several so called site builders but nothing compares to this. I've literally been blown away by the amount of features included in a single platfom and the ability to include products from so many affiliate networks means that I don't have to use any other builder, Niche Site Platform does everything need.

Paul Baker

"You are going to love the flexibility and variation offered by NSP"

If you've ever bought anything from Ben Johnson (Affiliate Wizard), you will know the sort of quality and value he offers in all of his products, Niche Site Platform is certainly no exception! Whether you are a seasoned affiliate or new to niche site building you are going to love the flexibility and variation offered by NSP.

Thanks again for developing the exact thing I have been searching for!

Anthony Mulvey -

"The best investment I have ever made online"

When I heard people talking about NSP I honestly thought they were over selling it, I bought it to see what all the fuss was about and lets just say I was shocked. I've used a lot of programs in my time but this is probably the best investment I have ever made online.

Thank you to the guys at Affiliate Wizard for developing such as fantastic product.

Jenny P

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Included In The Premium Package

When you choose to purchase the NSP premium package today ALL of the following will be included:

The Best Affiliate Website Building Platform

Use the best Affiliate Website Builder on the market today to build an online empire of profit pulling websites, integrating affiliate products from multiple networks and thousands of merchants.

Main Features:

See our Full Feature List

The Product User Manuals

Our product manuals cover the installation and use of NSP in a step by step process through clear written instructions and screenshots.

Main Features:

Access To Our Additional Pool Of Templates

Change the look at feel of your websites easily by choosing a new template from our template pool.

Main Features:


Access To The Affiliate Wizard Members Only Forum

Get help at any time by visiting our ever growing product support forum, dedicated to providing support for all customers of the Affiliate Wizard.

Main Features:

Unlimited Website License

Build an UNLIMITED number of websites for a single low one time payment and start building your own online empire of profit pulling affiliate websites today.


Main Features:

Access Your Unlimited License Instantly!

Still have questions? Maybe one of the following options will help:


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  • Immediate Download Following Payment

Important Note: We do not provide support for GoDaddy Hosting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All payments are made through the secure & protected Paypal payment system to Affiliate Wizard Limited. You do not need a Paypal account to checkout and you can use all major debit and credit cards securely.

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